Content production
Minecraft consultancy

Here at Tekonics we create various online content such as YouTube Videos, Minecraft Mods, websites and many more as well as assisting other companies with endeavors.
We have plans to to into physical products as well such as PC building in the future.


Our main twitch channel, operated by our founder Sam Kemp.

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Untamemadman is our main YouTube channel and focuses on gaming. Videos include: Minecraft Playthroughs, Garry's Mod fun, Race the Sun and other Indie games.

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TalkComputerTech is our secondary YouTube channel and focuses on making videos about Computers and other Technology.

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Thingiverse Randomizer

A website to get random things from Thingverse for people to discover

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Neutrino Network

The Minecraft network that we run.

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Overwatch World

Overwatch World is a website dedicated to assiting players of the widly popular game Overwatch by giving stat breakdowns and information about maps and events.

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